Balneo Hotel Zsori**** , Zsóry Liget Camping & Resort****

Our aim is to offer our guests the best: health, harmony, luxury, pampering, vitality, gourmet gastronomy and a wide range of wellness services.

If you like the area, why not stay?

Mezőkövesd and Zsóry Spa are a great place for couples and families to relax and unwind.

The blessing effects of the thermal waters, the services of the spa, the treasures of Matyóföld, the proximity of the Bükk Mountains, Eger and Lake Tisza attract visitors to stay longer.

Book your stay at Balneo Hotel Zsori Thermal & Wellness, where you can choose from a variety of room types. A generous half-board selection and pampering wellness and massage services complete the relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Contact details of the hotel:

Address: 3400 Mezőkövesd, Fülemüle utca 2.

Telephone number: +36 49 505 030


The Zsóry Liget Camping & Resort**** is located in the immediate vicinity of the Zsóry Thermal Bath and Spa, with convenient access for guests.

The campsite offers visitors peace, tranquillity and shaded resting places on a total of almost 1.5 hectares in a charming, situated on the brookside of Ostoros Creek, in a park big blooming trees.

There is something to suit everyone, with a choice of premium woodhouses, bed and breakfasts and cosy guesthouses. And for those looking for a classic camping experience, tent pitches and caravan parks are available. The accommodation has been carefully designed to ensure that the campsite and spa facilities are conveniently accessible from all areas, while at the same time providing guests with a peaceful and intimate environment.

Contact details of Zsóry Liget Camping & Resort****:

Address: 3400 Mezőkövesd, Olajfa út 2.

Phone number: +36 30 883 0157