Beneficiary names: Hotel Balneo Kft., Hungarian Medical & Spa Kft., EU-Invest Kft.

– Title of the aided project: ‘Development of Hotel Balneo/Complex tourism development in Mezőkövesd’
– application number: ET-2020-02-067
– contracted amount of aid: HUF 3.550.000.000
– aid intensity (%): 79,057249%
– a brief description of the content of the project supported:
The project aims to develop complex tourism services and accommodation. The development will be carried out by three companies in a consortium. The project involves five existing buildings and one new greenfield project.
Elements of development:

  • Renovation of the interior and exterior of the Balneo Hotel Zsori Thermal & Wellness, obtaining 4* certification, acquisition of equipment;
  • Upgrading of the kitchen technology of the Rózsa restaurant, expansion and renovation of its event hall;
  • Zsóry Hotel Fit Developing a sports-friendly hotel by upgrading the existing building and purchasing equipment;
  • Modernisation of Zsóry Camping and Pension, renewal of its infrastructure, purchase of equipment;
  • Establishment of the Zsóry Family Hotel with the conversion of the former Telekom resort and purchase of equipment;
  • Construction of a new cultural events centre that will expand the range of attractions available.

– date of completion of the supported project: 31.12.2022

The supported project is implemented in the framework of the Kisfaludy Tourism Development Programme.